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It's very convenient to use Glens reading glasses in front of regular glasses, Now I can see even the smallest details.

Must have

Andreas Andreou
Either you have a pair of glasses, or not, glens should be always around. Its so easy and you are more efficient.


I am happy to use my Glens reading glasses when I compile a list of food and consumer products.

Jay Scissors

I'm wearing mine glensglasses right now and I have to say these are incredible!
Also there after-sales department is amazing. If anything is wrong, they respond immediately and will make sure they deliver or replace if damaged. I'm have never seen such dedication. And: THE GLASSES ARE GREAT!!!

Jose Vega

THANKS SO MUCH! Received mine today. Tiny little marvelous thing!!!! I'll recommend them and order another pair!!!

Tiny but massively good.

colin young
Bought these on a whim thinking they would be just a novelty item. However, they have exceeded my expectations. With a great design and price, what's not to like?

Leszek Stolarski

I forgot my +2 Dpt regular glasses at home today...But luckily I had my GLENS glasses with me! It is wonderful as backup Glasses! With Glens I could work in the operating room almost normal.


These almost invisible classes are always with me, helping to read even the tiniest of texts. I like them a lot!


Glens reading glasses are so good! I can easily fit them in my purse so that they are always with me. They have helped me out many times. Thank you Glens!

Hua F

Hua F
I can not believe these glasses are so light and invisible. My friends didn't even notice when I put them on. It took me a while to get to understand how to put them on correctly. After I get the three points thing, they do stick to my nose and never fall off.
Made in Germany
Complies with CE
Optical Quality Approved
Reddot award 2017 winner